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Watch Ex Machina!!!!

On the weekends, my wife and I have been having movie nights. Lately, I have been doing my best to limit our movie selection to my back catalog of unwatched DVDs and Blu-rays.  I figure if I bought it, I might as well watch it before I buy a new one.  So the other... read more

Destiny Crimson Days, Really????

Well the long wait for the newest content update from Bungie has come and with it we get yet another PvP small event called Crimson Days in honor of the upcoming holiday, St. Valentine’s Day.  The event is a fireteam only 2 vs 2 Crucible mode which will of... read more

Finally Got a Clue!!!!

It took over 30 years, but I finally watched the movie based on a very popular board game called Clue. Nowadays they make movies out of anything and I was actually surprised they made this movie back in 1985. Sometime ago, my good friend let me borrow the movie and I... read more
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